Splurge On A Hand-Powered Table Saw

Yep, you read that right — for just over $1,200, a hand-powered table saw can be yours! The Jointmaker Pro v2, created by Bridge City Toolworks, “is a hybrid device, a hand saw that employs custom Japanese saw blades offered in crosscut and rip grinds,” according to the company.
Because the saw is hand-powered, Bridge City Toolworks says it delivers “professional-quality cuts without the need for hearing protection, dust collection or electricity.”
The Jointmaker Pro is ideal for both large projects and those that require smaller, more intricate cuts. Injury risk may be reduced because the saw is easier to control than its electrically powered counterparts.

As posted on Treehugger, the Jointmaker Pro joins the ranks of other hand-powered tools, including log splitters, blenders and chainsaws.
Is the Jointmaker Pro a worthy splurge? Or do you prefer your power tools with power of the electric variety?
Photo courtesy of Bridge City Tool Works

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