Stay Warm Without Turning On The Heat

Here at Charles & Hudson, we’re all about conserving energy — and saving money, too! Depending on your home’s heating source, bills can skyrocket during the winter months, especially if you live in parts of the country that feel the brutal wrath of the season.
You may be holding out on turning on your heat to save a little cash, and if that’s the case, we have a few tips for you. It certainly helps if you live in a loft, condominium or apartment building. If the building is well-insulated and you find yourself on a middle floor, you can usually get by a lot longer without heat thanks to your neighbors.
Yet if you’re in an older building or home, you’re probably no stranger to drafts. And speaking from my personal experience, the windows in my loft are incredibly oversized and not properly sealed. (Side note: I discovered a hairline crack under the window ledge through which I can see daylight, so I need to caulk it ASAP!)

A temporary solution? Try a window insulation kit, which comes with several pieces of shrink wrap that you use to cover your windows. Apply heat using a hair dryer, and the wrap adjusts to create a relatively weather- and temperature-proof seal. Sure, it’s not the most sightly of solutions, but it can certainly make a noticeable difference until you have time to properly seal or replace your windows.
Think extra throws and blankets, moving the furniture closer to the center of the room, adding a few strategically placed piles of clutter and a couple of low wattage light sources that give off a warmer glow than an overhead fixture.
Do you go as long as possible before turning on your home’s heat? If so, do you have any tips for staying warm as the temperatures drop?
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