Storage Goes Strange With Vintage Finds

It’s essential. We all need to store our stuff, from books to clothing, kitchen paraphernalia and, of course, our tools. Building a dedicated and organized storage system in each room will help you to de-clutter your life.
But before you run to the local big box store to pick up large plastic tubs, stop and think green. With an eye for space and function you can create excellent storage from vintage and salvaged finds. That may seem a little strange, but think through the benefits and you’re sure to be on board.

Start with the classifieds. Whether that’s Craigslist, Kijiji or the good old local newspaper keep your eyes peeled for old cabinets, crates and even industrial shelving. With some TLC, a knack for refinishing or just a good scrub down, many of these items can be transformed into ideal home storage units.
salvaged cabinets.jpg
Not only will you be rescuing this material from the landfill, but you’ll likely save a few pennies and end up with a more solid structure. Don’t forget about salvaged building yards and secondhand shops. They can be a great source of materials, frames and even ready-made pieces that just need some sprucing up.
Think about your personality. Maybe you love the atmosphere of older homes or feed on decor with character. Tap into that. Build a short bookshelf inside an old wine or fruit crate. You may need to varnish it for protection, but the visual appeal and character are well worth the work.
barrel shelf.jpg
Also consider alternate uses. Barrels can be cut in half and used as a shell – with some shelves attached this distinct piece will be a surefire hit.
The best part about using vintage or secondhand materials for your storage is the green value. Reusing is the name of the game and the fact that this project will create a one of a kind masterpiece is just a bonus. You’ll save money, create unique forms with maximum function and help save the planet. Strange? Nah, just smart.
Photos courtesy of
flickr/idiolector, and Donna Brown

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