Streamline Your Safety With Low-Tech Keyless Entry

If you’re looking for a keyless-entry solution for your home or office but are concerned about electrical failures locking you in or out, we have quite the gadget for you.
Korean designer Jaeseok Han has masterfully married the basic lever-style doorknob with an old school combination lock to create the “Numlock Door Handle.” As long as you can remember how to get into a middle school gym locker, you should have no problem with this fancy doorknob.
While its effectiveness as an exterior handle is debatable, for interior spaces such as offices, bedrooms, or even pantries, this door handle can take you back to basics with clean, minimalist lines.

According to the website, to function you twist the four digit wheels to your combination, depress the lever, and open the door. Once you release the handle, the combination toggles itself, so no one can just follow right after you. This way, if you suffer an electrical failure you won’t be trapped on the wrong side of a door, as you would with traditional keyless entry keypads.
We think this would be ingenious for shared living spaces when some privacy is required without adding another key to your chain. Let us know where you would use this nifty gadget in the comments below.
Photo/Source: Yanko Design

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