Test Out New Wall Color With Small Wall

We’ve all been through the same process — you want to change the color of a room, but you’re not sure which shade to pick, or how it will look in daylight versus at night. You don’t want to paint giant swatches on the wall, and those little tiny paint chips aren’t going to cut it.
Enter a little product that may help you out: Small Wall.
This product was designed by a woman whose family moved often. She needed something lightweight that could hold paint to put on her home’s walls to determine colors for each room. She wanted a product she could easily mount on a wall, then move for different perspective, without marring the wall. She didn’t want to have to prime anything — just add a couple quick brush strokes and be done. She also wanted to be able to try out different faux finishes without destroying the paint job she already had.

When she couldn’t find such a thing, and other suggestions such as poster board (too thin) and drywall scraps (too messy, too heavy, and need priming) she created it — and Small Wall was born. Available in packs of two 12″-by-12″ or 16″ \-by-24″ adhesive-backed sheets, these reusable templates create the perfect space to test out new wall colors or finish before committing to them. Through their website you can even purchase a carrying case to save your templates for another use. Marketed to both DIY’ers and home professionals, Small Wall is available through their homepage, at ACE Hardware, Sherwin Williams, and via Amazon.
We think this is a brilliant idea, and wish we’d thought of it first! Let us know your take and if you’ve ever used it or another paint-testing method in the comments below!
Photo courtesy of Amazon.com.

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