The Future of Fridges

Designer Ashley Legg has come up with a Smart Fridge concept with one goal in mind: to keep track of what’s in your fridge and help you plan meals accordingly.
Her idea is to develop a fridge that will track your stock – alerting you if you start running low on any of the essentials. The Smart Fridge would also have an internal database based on the food on hand- displaying only the options that it knows you are able to make with the food available.
Once a recipe is selected, the device offers step-by-step voice instructions on how to combine them into a tasty, healthy meal.

I personally think it would be a pain to unpack groceries and manually input what goes into your fridge into the system. I fear I’d slack on that aspect in general though having a fridge come up with mealtime ideas sounds great.
What do you think of the “smart fridge” concept?

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