The Most Common Green Home Project In 2010

This year’s most popular environmentally friendly project? Window replacements, according to a study published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.
The study surveyed service professionals in the top 50 markets as ranked by the U.S. Census and examined service requests.
Window replacements showed a sizable increase, up 81 percent as compared to 2009. And although the study showed that more than half of Americans who undertook home improvement projects thought about using green alternatives, only a few actually implemented a green or eco-friendly alternative.

A chart published alongside the survey indicated that 45 percent of those considering home improvement projects were motivated by “cost savings in terms of energy efficiency or project durability,” according to the IAPMO. Twenty-five percent said that green living “is part of my lifestyle,” while 19 percent were motivated by tax credits.
If you’ve considered a green alternative during your home improvement project, let us know why you did or did not move forward with that alternative.
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