Top 5 Must Have Tools For DIY Plumbing

Not all of us are brave enough to do it, but many people are tackling DIY plumbing jobs in their home. Somewhat complicated and sometimes involving high-pressure situations (like get that leak fixed NOW), plumbing projects are a challenge.
With the right plumbing tools on hand you can tackle any plumbing job. Among other specialty tools, there are five essentials that you must have on hand for a smoother, more successful (and leak-free) finish.

Top 5 DIY Plumbing Tools
1) Pipe Wrench – Look for the 14-inch size of this quintessential plumbing tool, as it offers the most versatility. An adjustable wrench will give you the flexibility needed for all sorts of the tightening and loosening that goes on in the bathroom.
2) Acetylene Torch – A propane torch will do for the small jobs, but if you have an extensive amount of plumbing to do (or see the need for a really powerful tool in your arsenal), get an acetylene torch and source out a supplier for the fuel.
3) Reciprocating Saw – super handy for notching and cutting out the wood framing when you’re running pipes through walls and ceiling joists.
4) Tube Cutter – a tool made for copper piping, this baby makes precision cuts with little to none of the burrs that accompany the use of a hacksaw.
5) Selection of Circular Wire Brushes – these should be the smaller sizes and are something you’ll need to replace as they wear out.
With these tools at the ready, your DIY plumbing project will sail smoothly along. Cheer for a job well done. Then clean off the tools and get ready for the next challenge that’s set to come your way.
Photo courtesy of flickr/geoffeg

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