The Last Toyota Tundra V8

The 2021 Toyota Tundra will be the last V8 Tundra you can ever buy, which is making it extremely hard to find. But for those that do, they’ll be rewarded with one of the most reliable engines, drivetrains, and trucks ever built.

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Say what you will about the dated styling and lack of amenities, there is a reason why Tundras remain in high-demand and their resale values are higher than ever, they don’t stop.

Tundras have achieved legendary status as work trucks, which is quite a feat considering the hundred year head start that the domestic brands have had.

The popularity of overlanding and adventure travel, has increased the demand for Tundras even more. The Tundra TRD Pro is one of the most sought-after trucks on the market as it comes factory-ready to tackle the toughest terrain.

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Here’s what makes the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro so special.


The Toyota Tundra is the most reliable pickup truck on the market, including all mid and full-size trucks. Contractors and first-responders can’t afford any downtime with their vehicle, and adventure travelers are often hundreds of miles away from help.

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Reliability is the top feature that makes the Tundra so desirable, and it’s not even close.


The Tundra platform hasn’t changed since 2007, but they’ve made enough updates and refreshes to the external styling that it looks sharp and contemporary.

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The TRD Pro badging is subtle but noticeable, and adds a premium feel to a utilitarian vehicle.

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TRD Tuned Fox Suspension

After wheels and tires, an off-road suspension is the next most important modification. The TRD Pro boasts a TRD tuned Fox suspension with beefy 46mm shocks and 11 bypass zones in front and 12 in the rear and 2.5 inch piggyback reservoirs.

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An aftermarket suspension like this would cost thousands of dollars and you’d never achieve that factory Toyota tune.

All of this suspension technology adds up to a better performing shock that is much more durable and able to remain cool under high demand.

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This suspension also adds a couple inches of ground clearance over a standard Tundra.

Additional Features

Rounding out the premium features of the TRD Pro include BBS forged wheels, dual tuned exhaust, and 1/4-inch thick aluminum skid plates.

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The Ride

Our 2021 Tundra performed flawlessly after two hours exploring the Mojave desert on the way to Sandy Valley Ranch. We really pushed the suspension and never experienced shock fade or bottomed out. The Tundra felt equally at home on the pavement and the freeway drive home was as comfortable as any SUV.

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2022 Toyota Tundra

Details on the 2022 Toyota Tundra have leaked and it looks like it may share the same twin-turbo V6 that the new 300 Series Land Cruiser will have. There might even be a diesel or hybrid Tundra on the way. But, for fans of naturally-aspirated big V8s, The 2021 Tundra will be your last chance to grab one.

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