Track Current Kitchen Usage To Inspire Future Renovation

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: every successful renovation starts with a healthy dose of planning. Whether you prefer the structured approach of a workbook or something a little more free, making sketches and taking notes are great ways to keep yourself organized, focused, and most importantly, on budget.
Yet even if you don’t have a major renovation planned in the near future, you can still make note of what you’d like to change. The easiest way to accomplish this? As you use your kitchen, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t.
Need more prep space? Storage? A new spot for the sink? Tuning into your kitchen’s less desirable assets will help you frame your renovation. And as you track what you want to change, you may see some smaller projects emerge that can be tackled prior to a larger-scale renovation.

Of course, there are always planning parameters to keep in mind, like the infamous kitchen triangle. But in the end, designing a space that works for you and your needs is the priority, even if you end up breaking a few (or a lot of) rules.
As you think about using your kitchen, what would you like to change?

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