Trade Up During The Home Depot’s Drill Recycling Event

Has your drill seen better days? This month, take your well-worn tool to your nearest Home Depot location for recycling (battery, too). The recycling event runs through October 27, during which Home Depot recycles drills using an environmentally safe process that keeps waste out of landfills.
And while you’re there, consider upgrading to a lithium-ion drill, which Home Depot calls “a revolutionary cordless tool” because of its power, decreased weight, rapid charge and ability to operate longer than other drills.

Lithium-ion drills are quickly replacing their nickel cadmium counterparts, as they are reported to outperform NiCad models by as much as 50 percent. Lithium ion tools are typically more expensive than other types, but recent price reductions at Home Depot have made these powerful tools more affordable.
Photo courtesy of Home Depot

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