Transform A Wall With Dry-Erase Paint

I’ve long thought about using a can of chalkboard paint to transform my overly large water closet door into a scribble-friendly service. A new discovery from MDC Wallcoverings has me re-thinking that plan.
If you prefer markers to chalk, IdeaPaint’s tabrasa is a must-have item. The water-based paint transforms a surface into a dry-erase board. Better yet, the paint is a lower VOC formula, comes with a 10-year warranty AND is complete with just a single application.

The paint is sold in kits that cover 50 square feet and include instructions, a roller, stirring stick, can opener and a wet paint sign. You can choose the color that best complements your interior decor–the paint is available in white, off-white, white sand, light gray and light beige.
For an office area, child’s room or other high-use area, consider Tabrasa Plus, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is recommended for heavy-duty use.
My only complaint? I wish this could have been invented sooner! I would have gotten in much less trouble as a child for drawing on my walls.
Photo courtesy of MDC Wallcoverings

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  • Krystal

    Our faucet does not leak but when the water is on hot water runs out of both handles?? How do I fix this?? Any info would help!! Thanks

    • You are in a similar situation as we were. It sounds like the seats for the knobs are leaking so hot water will always flow around the seat when any water is pulled. Have you pulled the knobs yet to see what is behind?

  • Tim

    Thanks! Was this a Waltec faucet?

  • That’s for sure, you never know what to expect until you start the project. Things could have been a lot worse for you though had it been leaking into the wall.

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  • Tami

    I believe this is what happened to my tub handles. I had a plumber replace the handles that looked exactly like photo #1 but noticed a year later that the tub had blistering and cracking not to mention dicoloration below the faucet. I kept trying to patch it with fiberglass but no luck. I called in another plumber and he said the seat had broke off the hot water and it was leaking behind the tub causing tons of water damage – the steam causing the fiberglass to blister and crack. Is this true? Would hot water cause that? If it was the cold water would that have happened? Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


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