Transform A Wall With Dry-Erase Paint

I’ve long thought about using a can of chalkboard paint to transform my overly large water closet door into a scribble-friendly service. A new discovery from MDC Wallcoverings has me re-thinking that plan.
If you prefer markers to chalk, IdeaPaint’s tabrasa is a must-have item. The water-based paint transforms a surface into a dry-erase board. Better yet, the paint is a lower VOC formula, comes with a 10-year warranty AND is complete with just a single application.

The paint is sold in kits that cover 50 square feet and include instructions, a roller, stirring stick, can opener and a wet paint sign. You can choose the color that best complements your interior decor–the paint is available in white, off-white, white sand, light gray and light beige.
For an office area, child’s room or other high-use area, consider Tabrasa Plus, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is recommended for heavy-duty use.
My only complaint? I wish this could have been invented sooner! I would have gotten in much less trouble as a child for drawing on my walls.
Photo courtesy of MDC Wallcoverings

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