7 Home Security Alternatives to Owning a Gun


Home security is important for everyone and owning a gun isn’t the right solution for a lot of people. Even if you own a gun and are trained to use it there are many other deterrents and home security alternatives that you can employ that will either scare off intruders or allow you enough time to call 9-1-1 and prepare to protect yourself.

1. High Intensity LED Flashlight
A tactical flashlight with at least 80+ lumens or more is a great deterrent for home intruders. This light will illuminate all the dark corners of your home and yard without having to venture outside. Keep a flashlight right next to the bed and you’ll find it useful for a lot of reasons.

2. Personal Alarm
These hand-held alarms emit a screeching sound up to 130db by simply pulling a pin. Loud enough for neighbors to hear and anyone close such as in a parking garage or outdoors. The only way to turn off the alarm is to replace the pin which is no easy task for an assailant who seek easy and quiet targets.

3. Pepper Spray
Pepper spray comes in a variety of strengths and containers. We prefer the hand-held type as opposed to the keychain kind. They take up more room in your purse or car but they aren’t that big and are much easier to aim and deploy and are more effective with a greater range. We reviewed the MACE pepper spray gun with great results.

4. Motion Sensor Lighting
Most criminals want to operate under the cloak of darkness and you don’t want to waste energy having outdoor lights on all the time, but motion sensing lights can serve as a great deterrent in front of a garage, in a backyard or at your front door.

5. Get a Dog
Man’s best friend got that way for many reasons, one of which is their ability to protect and warn their owners. You don’t necessarily need a big dog for intimidation. Even a small dog with a keen sense of hearing will alert you and the intruder that they know something isn’t right and that’s just enough time to call 9-1-1. Before getting a dog consider these tips for selecting a dog that is right for your home.

6. Home Security System
A security systems don’t cost thousands of dollars as they once did. There are many do-it-yourself security systems that include motion sensors, cameras and alarms and some of these even connect with your mobile device and can send you texts or emails when an alarm is triggered. We like the IRIS system from Lowe’s.

7. Know Your Neighbors
As Krrb says, “be neighborly”. You don’t need to hang out with your neighbors or be best friends but when you know someone you are more likely to care for their well-being as well as their property. Take the time to make small talk and be cordial to neighbors on all sides of your home and keep in mind they are all an extra 2nd, 3rd and 4th set of eyes when you are not home.

If you are considering purchasing a gun for home protection then be prepared to answer these questions before owning a gun.

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  • Interesting topic and one that has so many answers. I think I have a pretty unique perspective because I’m a DIY’er and run a large construction company. Couple of thoughts on this topic.

    1. Insurance – You will often find that most one many shows have limited to zero insurance coverage. While this does help keep their costs low it also puts the home owner at significant risk if something bad happens. So when you create a short list of contractors be sure your small outfits have coverage similar to what the big guys offer.

    2. Larger contractors definitely have more buying power and more clout with sub-contractors. When I need something done, i.e. electrician or plumber, I have several sources and it can happen when I want. Smaller guys typically don’t have that luxury.

    3. Larger contractors have more clout with suppliers especially when it comes to warranty issues. Our larger volumes allow us to pressure suppliers harder when things don’t go right.

    4. Larger contractors are typically much more in tune with code changes, code provisions and negotiating with code officials.

    5. If you find a good, qualified, insured smaller guy that you’ve enjoyed in the past don’t lose his number!

    Great topic…..I like your final tip, your gut reaction seldom is wrong….if you take the time to check references and you follow your instinct chances are you’ll have a good experience.

    • Thanks for the unique perspective Todd. You bring up some really great points that should be considered when people are deciding on contractors.

  • Will

    Nothing beats a Remington870HD for home protection… Liberal clueless idiots just don’t get it? Guns are a tool, they can’t kill anyone by them selves, you have to have a nut case with his or hers hands on it!!!