Try Bamboo Plywood For Trim, Paneling And Wainscoting

Bamboo has long been praised for its speedy growth time, ability to thrive without pesticides and its long-lasting, sustainable nature. From flooring to fabric, bamboo has become a go-to eco-friendly material whose versatile nature makes it ideal for a variety of projects.
We recently read about another inspiring application of bamboo–used as trim, paneling or wainscoting. Depending on how bamboo is treated, it can range in color from a light golden hue to a deep brown. This versatility allows bamboo to be used with a variety of color schemes while infusing a rich warmth into any room.
Installing bamboo trim or wainscoting is fairly straightforward, as long as you can find flat-grain bamboo plywood. Try if you can’t find the material in your area.

You can use any woodworking materials and tools when working with bamboo, and if you can’t quite find a color you’re looking for, sanded bamboo will have no problem absorbing a stain, a good choice if you want to deepen the wood’s hue for a more noticeable impact.
Would you consider bamboo plywood for projects in your home, or have you incorporated bamboo in another material? Let us know!
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