Use A Plastic Wardrobe For Indoor Spray Painting

Spray paint can be a wonderful, convenient thing. But the downside? The fumes and residual splatter make it a material better suited for use outdoors. What if you get the urge to spray paint something when it’s windy, or cold, or raining?
Here’s an ingenious solution: use a plastic wardrobe to create a tent in which you can spray paint small to moderately sized items. You’re surrounded on all sides by the wardrobe, preventing any splatter, and when you’re finished painting, you can zip the wardrobe closed and let the fumes dissipate.
Our friends at ApartmentTherapy [] suggest inserting a piece of cardboard in the bottom of the wardrobe and flipping it upside down for use as a protective tent.

You may still want to keep a couple of fans running nearby to help dissipate the fumes as you work, but we have to admit that this is a creative solution–and worth the affordable price of the wardrobe if you frequently find yourself in the midst of spray painting projects.
Would you buy a plastic wardrobe and use this idea, or do you prefer to keep spray paint outdoors?
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