Use Paint To Seal Swollen Doors

If the humidity where you are is anything like what I’m experiencing in Kansas City, well . . . you know what it’s like to be outside in air that feels like soup! A common household problem during muggy months is swollen doors, especially if you live in an older home.
I stumbled across a great tip on Young House Love that’s an easy way to use any excess paint you may have on hand. To stop the door from sticking in the door frame (and help it close properly), use a sander to smooth down the top edge of the door.

Once you’ve sanded off enough of the door so that it fits within the frame, apply a thin coat of paint to the top edge and allow to fully dry. The paint acts as a sealant and will help maintain the door’s proper size so that it’s less likely to swell.

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  • The same applies for some double vanity sinks! – You don’t want to plunge a sink on the left and have a huge glop of goo pop out on the right and hit the ceiling.

    • Very true Eric. If you aren’t sure just look under your sink and if you see a straight pipe between the sinks then they are connected (they almost always are)

  • Fred

    Just wanted to say that I love the subtle reference to one of my all time favorite Samuel L. Jackson movies 🙂

    Also, as you noted, you should be gentle when you plunge your drain, and you shouldn’t plunge after you’ve added a chemical clog remover.