Warning: Prepare to Convert Your Lightbulbs This Year

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you have heard the news that this is the year that the government has mandated we begin changing over to the new energy efficient lightbulbs such as CFL’s and LED’s.
The cost of CFL’s has gone down considerably but LED’s are still on the high side but these will soon be your only option as the sale of incandescent lightbulbs is being phased out. You probably can’t find a 100W lightbulb anywhere and the 75W are most likely extinct near you. 60W bulbs are probably the highest wattage you’ll find at your local home center and unless you find a store selling overstock you’re more likely to find more CFL’s available.
We were waiting until our bulbs all burnt out before switching over and finally have the office on CFL’s. We received a selection of bulbs from Ace Hardware including the incandescents they still sell and its clear they want you to consider them for your bulb buying needs as they offer about 90% of the bulbs that you’d need for your home.
Where do you stand on converting your lightbulbs? Are you hoarding incandescents? What concerns do you have about using CFLs?

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