Ways To Use A Pressure Washer

Have you guys seen that commercial (for a headache medicine, maybe?) where the husband pressure washes the deck and obliterates all of the outdoor furniture? Too funny! All joking aside, however, pressure washers (also known as power washers) can be great tools, especially if you have exterior maintenance tasks.
If you’re thinking about buying a pressure washer, you’ll want to decide if the cost is worth the use you think you’ll get out of the machine. A pressure washer will set you back at least $100, so if you’re looking for a one-time use, you may want to check into renting or borrowing one.
While you’re mulling over that decision, we thought we’d share a few ways to make use of a pressure washer.

1. Home exterior. A pressure washer is a great way to clear dirt, debris and grime from your home’s exterior, especially if your home is covered with a resilient material like vinyl siding. If your home is painted, you’ll want to wash carefully — the strength of the water may remove loose paint; a great outcome if you’re planning to repaint, but not so desirable if you’re just wanting a simple cleaning.
2. Decks and patios. As in the aforementioned commercial, pressure washers can easily clean outdoor surfaces like decks and patios. Just be sure to remove all of your furniture first!
3. Basements. Thanks to a tip from our friends at Bungalow Bliss!, we found pressure washers to be an ideal way to help remove a condition called efflorescence. If a basement is improperly sealed, water can actually move through the masonry or brick, evaporate and leave a layer of salt crystals on the surface. Although efflorescence isn’t dangerous, it’s unsightly, and you’ll need to remove the build-up if you want to paint the wall. Try to scrub off the salt with a putty knife, but you may also need to pressure wash to thoroughly remove the residue.
4. Roof. Keeping your roof clean and cleared of debris will go a long way in extending its life. A pressure washer can tackle this job nicely, whether you choose to add a cleaner or just use the water. Before you start, make sure any large debris is cleared away. You’ll also want to make sure your gutters are clear so that the water from the pressure washer will properly drain.
Do you own a pressure washer? If so, what tasks have you tackled?
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