What Are Those Creaking House Sounds?

creaking house sounds

You probably don’t live an an old Victorian home like this but you may think your house sounds like one considering all of the creaking house sounds that it makes.

Have you ever wondered what those sounds are? You’re not alone as they are a vexing mystery for many people.

Many times we just chalk up house sounds to simply, “the house is settling”. While this is sometimes true, what does that really mean? As an organic material that is effected by moisture, wood will expand and contract based on the humidity and temperature. When this happens the joists and anywhere wood is exposed to each other will cause tension and the sound you are hearing is this release of tension. New and older homes can have this same issue and house settling can sometimes never truly go away.

creaking roof

The best way to combat this issue is to make sure your attic is properly insulated but also properly ventilated to maintain a constant air temperature which allows release of warm air in the summer but keeps out water and cool air in the winter.

There are other types of house sounds such as rodents behind walls, under floors or on the roof. If you suspect those types of sounds do an inspection and check for droppings. That’s a telltale sign that you are not alone. Call professional exterminators if the problem looks bad.

How have you dealt with house sounds?


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