White Cabinetry Offers Timeless Appeal, Numerous Options

Oh, the white kitchen! How it seems to just lift the room and allow a homeowner to take a breathe of calmness when entering it’s calm surround.
White is, to date, one of the most popular choices in cabinetry (and overall kitchen color schemes) and will likely remain that way for a long time, if not forever.

White is often very objective for a color seemingly so simple. Take a peek at a paint store, when wanting to select the perfect white for your room and you will see shades of blue whites, green whites, grey whites, pink whites, and more.
The same applies for when you select white as the color for your cabinetry. The key is to pick a white tone you are comfortable with and work that ‘white’ into the rest of your space.
When selecting a white, like below, called White Chocolate, use the same color for the trim work around your windows, doors and base mouldings, and room crown mouldings. How? You can often take in a sample of the cabinetry and have a reputable paint store match the finish perfectly.
There is also white-painted cabinetry with glazing, that is often a milk chocolate tone of paint hand-applied in the crevices of the door’s detail to highlight the raised panels, or mouldings of the door. It’s a warmer finish of white that lends to an aged or antiqued feel in the space.
White is one of the most classic finishes found on cabinetry for kitchens. One of the first important steps to educate yourself on is how it is applied to the cabinetry. Most cabinetry that is called ‘painted’ has been factory- or hand-sprayed. There are many layers of paint and in between each spraying, the surface is sanded for a fine, smooth finish.
Some painted cabinetry has either a matte, eggshell, satin or gloss finish. Choosing which works best for you and your space may be determined if you have children or pets, or enjoy to cook in your space and the overall look you are trying to achieve: modern, classic, contemporary.
If the paint is applied on a wood cabinet door, it’s typically maple or birch. Maple is preferred, as it is a stronger, dense wood.
A tip for maintaining the life of your painted wood cabinetry is to keep the humidity in your home consistent throughout the year. When the humidity changes, it causes the wood door to swell or shrink and that can lead to visible gaps in the wood construction and cracking in your paint. Ever notice how in the summer, your front door may seem to be harder to open and close? That is because it has swelled.
When choosing white for your kitchen, the options are endless. You may decide on doing a mix of white with other tones, like below, which shows white mixed with a dark onyx-stained cherry wood cabinetry.
White cabinetry is certainly something to consider when creating your kitchen space. Talk to your local Realtor; agents say the best selling feature is, of course, the kitchen, and often it’s the big, bold, clean look of white cabinetry that appeals to the masses.

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