White Roofs Can Reduce Energy Costs

Painting building roofs white is a movement that’s slowly catching on in big cities. A light-colored roof reflects light, rather than absorbing it, a function that can significantly reduce energy costs. And when air conditioning use is decreased, the amount of carbon emissions released by the units falls, too.
White roofs are a trend that’s catching on for commercial use, especially in large metropolitan areas like New York City. One of the significant drawbacks is that white roofs show dirt, wear and tear much faster than their dark countertops, meaning that maintenance is required on a more frequent basis.
You may not have noticed many homes with white roofs in your area, but they are available. Some roofing companies offer a white composite roof tile, which has a similar aesthetic to Spanish-style tile.

If you live in a hot, sunny area, investing in a white roof may be a great way to decrease your energy costs. Your roof won’t require as much maintenance as a commercial building.
Another benefit of white composite roof tiles? Some offer longer warranties than traditional asphalt shingles and roof coatings, another factor that may help you justify the significant investment of a new roof.
Would you consider a white roof, or do you prefer a more traditional look?
Photo courtesy of www.whirlwindsteel.com

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