Whole House Water Filters: Solutions to Stop the Stench

Whole house water filters have become necessary for some homeowners due to tap water that just isn’t on par with what the utility companies promise. Tap water that is clean, doesn’t smell and is drinkable is what we expect from our water utility companies. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and a reader recently sent us a question regarding their issue in Kansas City, KS.
Dear C&H:
My husband and I moved into a 1917 Russian Orthodox Church last month in Kansas City, KS. Kansas City in general isn’t known for having great water (though many of their suburbs rate in the highest in the country) and Kansas City Kansas especially is “tasty-water-challenged.” We have the type of water where although the city says it’s safe to drink, the smell of it gags you before you even get a cup near your mouth and it leaves a funk on your breath after having brushed your teeth. Awesome right? Yeah, totally.
We’ve already spoken with the city about the water and they’ve come out to retest it and said it was to their standards (which we then made snarky comments under our breath about how high said standards were).

We have all new water lines installed from the city line to the house and all new interior plumbing, so we know it’s just straight up funky water instead of old pipes. We’re looking for a whole house water filter (because no amount of mango-dango body wash can cover the metallic mud smell) instead of just attaching a Brita filter to our kitchen sink.
Any help, research or ideas would be so helpful as we’re not really sure where to start. We’ve seen some retailing at bulk big box stores (Costco) for a few hundred dollars and others online or in pamphlets at hardware stores, but no one really has any solid info on where we should start looking to truly remedy the situation instead of just “making you feel good you’re not drinking bottled water.”
We’ve been buying water (it’s really that bad) for the entire month and with 40 some stairs to enter out home, it’s getting a little old and we’re ready, no matter what the cost to take care of things — we just don’t know where to start! Help!
We’re pulling together some whole house water filter recommendations but we’d love to hear from our community. Do you have any great experiences with whole house water filters and what solutions would you recommend.
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