Why Wheatboard Wins In The Green Kitchen

Cabinets are a large part of any kitchen renovation and make up a good portion of the budget. That means when you’re opting for a green reno, getting eco friendly cabinets scores big in the environmental department.
What Is Wheatboard?
Similar to particle board, wheatboard is basically a product made from fibers being pressed together and adhered with a resin. The difference is that in wheatboard those fibers are from the waste products of straw.

A great way to reuse a by-product that is traditionally burnt in open air pits and bonfires, wheatboard comes in a variety of looks and styles. There’s bound to be something that suits your home. Wheatboard doors could make for an easy, eco-friendly way to reface your cabinets.
What To Watch Out For With Wheatboard
There are a few things you’ll need to watch out for with wheatboard, just to make sure that the product is truly green in every way possible.
Check to see that the adhesive used is formaldehyde-free. Any other finishes that are involved in the process should be non-toxic and contain no lead. Each manufacturer will be slightly different, so be sure to ask.
Winning Points
So where does that leave wheatboard as a green alternative for kitchen cabinet replacement?
It’s made from a renewable resource (straw waste) that has an incredibly fast life cycle. Using this resource cuts down on other emissions that occur during removal (or in this case, burning). And the right brand will deliver a toxic free finish.
Check out the fabulous styles available for wheatboard cabinets at www.blueridgedistributioncompany.com and you’re sure to buy into this winning, green idea.
Photo courtesy of Blue Ridge Distribution

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