Protect Your Ride: Discover XPEL’s Windshield Protection Film

XPEL, a forerunner in protective coatings and films, has just launched an array of new products, setting new benchmarks in asset safeguarding. Central to this innovative release is the groundbreaking Windshield Protection Film, a first for the company, alongside an extension of its care products suite designed to maintain and enhance vehicle exteriors.


Introducing XPEL’s Windshield Protection Film

XPEL’s latest product, the Windshield Protection Film, is engineered to fortify your vehicle’s windshield against common road threats such as rock chips, pitting, and cracks. Averaging a repair cost of $1,000, windshield damages can now be effectively prevented with this transparent, resilient film, ensuring peace of mind for vehicle owners.


Unlike other products that might compromise visibility or interfere with windshield sensors, XPEL’s film maintains optical clarity and sensor functionality, making it a discreet yet powerful protective layer. Available through expert XPEL dealers nationwide, this film represents a blend of quality and innovation, synonymous with the brand’s reputation.

Performance vehicles will obviously benefit from this product, but this windshield film should be huge among the RV, trucking, and overland/off-roading crowd.

If this windshield protection film performs as well as their XPEL Vision Security window film, auto enthusiasts everywhere will be in for a real treat.

Expanding the Horizon: XPEL’s New Care Products

Alongside the windshield film, XPEL has unveiled five new chemical solutions, enhancing its already robust line of care products. Tailored for automotive, motorcycle, and marine craft exteriors, these solutions promise premium results while ensuring safety on surfaces treated with XPEL’s protective films and ceramic coatings.

Highlights include the XPEL Wash Solution and Foam Soap, designed to combat grime while preserving your vehicle’s shine. For those seeking an eco-friendly option, the BIG FOAM CANNON pairs with the Foam Soap to deliver a thorough clean while minimizing resource use. Meanwhile, Waterless Wash offers a quick, efficient way to maintain a vehicle’s luster without water, and the Panel Prep ensures a pristine surface before applying protective coatings.

A Legacy of Protection

Chris DiMinico, Director of Product at XPEL, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier protective solutions. XPEL continues to affirm its dedication to customer satisfaction and vehicle preservation by broadening its product portfolio with the Windshield Protection Film and new care products. These latest offerings reinforce the company’s standing in the market and cater to a wide range of customer needs, from daily commuters to marine craft enthusiasts.

Available for immediate purchase in the United States, these care products will reach global markets by Q3 2024, aligning with the worldwide launch of the Windshield Protection Film. For those interested in these innovative solutions, further details and purchasing options can be found on

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