Zip & Mix Instant Mortar Repair from QUIKRETE


Last year QUIKRETE introduced their Zip & Mix Fastset Repair mortar which is basically concrete in a bag. You simply mix it with water and it is ready for use for small and easy repairs. No need to mix an entire bag of concrete or deal with a mess from cleaning and using a large bucket.

Due to the immense popularity of the Zip & Mix repair mortar they are now offering Vinyl Concrete Patcher, Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement, Anchoring Cement and Mortar Mix in the same unique packaging that allows the material to be mixed directly in its pouch. Without the need of a pail or trowel, users simply unzip the package pouch, break through the protective seal, add the required water and kneed the mixture to the desired consistency.

Specific instructions including the amount of water and application process are outlined in detail on the Zip & Mix package pouch of each product. The QUIKRETE line of Zip & Mix products are available in three-pound pouches at home centers nationwide for approximately $6-$7.

Here’s a quick demo video.

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