Convert A Silo With A-House-In-A-Can

Improbable building materials? Building kits to create the one- or two-roomed house of your dreams? Unconventional building materials and kit homes are becoming increasingly popular, especially as homeowners embrace sustainability and, in some cases, downsizing.
Thanks to a heads-up from BLDGBLOG, it appears the home evolution continues with a converted silo courtesy of the A-House-In-A-Can kit from Austin + Mergold architects.

If you have a grouping of silos, convince friends or neighbors to jump on the conversion bandwagon with you and create what Austin + Mergold term as quads, six-packs or even the luxurious condo block.
In a day and age when people are living in houses made of repurposed shipping containers, converted silos don’t seem like a bad idea. In fact, they’re brilliant: sustainable, distinctive and meaningful, given the silo’s prominent place in America’s agricultural history.
What say you, C&H readers? Do you want your own A-House-In-A-Can kit? Or any house kit, for that matter?
Photo courtesy of Austin + Mergold

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Katy Schamberger
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