Green Planet Paints’ Remarkable Claim

We’re always on the lookout for new products — and when they’re eco-friendly, we consider that a bonus. So when we stumbled across Green Planet Paints, we were intrigued by the claim on their website.
Green Planet Paints are all-natural, plant-based interior paints that are so safe the company claims you can bathe in them. Wow – talk about an inventive sales pitch! We have to admit – we were a little tempted to fill up the tub with a couple of gallons of eggshell and have a nice, relaxing soak. Instead, we’ll leave the paint where it belongs — on our walls!
So what’s the secret of Green Planet Paints? They combine mineral pigments with plant chemistry, creating a sustainable formula that’s completely VOC-free. The paint is as high-performance as other interior brands, meaning you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for non-toxicity.

Green Planet Paints are available in three finishes: flat, eggshell and semigloss. Choose from an eye-popping array of clay-based colors that will instantly refresh your home’s decor.
You can order Green Planet Paints directly from the manufacturer’s website, or find them at a local retailer. Prices range from $15.99/quart, $55.99/gallon and $279.99/5 gallons.
We’re eager to test out Green Planet Paints during our next painting project. If you’ve tried them, we’d love to hear about your experience!
Photo via Elle Decor