Must-Have Home Gadgets

Imagine my surprise–and delight–when a
Mashable alert popped up on my iPhone with this enticing headline: “5 Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home.” It’s not terribly often that the self-proclaimed “online guide to social media” delves into home topics, so I was eager to see the featured gadgets.
Regardless of what sort of gadget you’re looking for–environmental, energy, chores, audio or entertainment–writer Jolie O’Dell has a recommendation.

Given the eco-friendly and energy-efficient focus of Charles & Hudson, I was especially drawn to two gadgets. HAL (yes, that’s a “2001: A Space Odyssey” reference) is an all-in-one automation system that controls lights, appliances, audio, video, security and thermostat settings from the convenience of a web browser, phone or by voice. O’Dell cautions that there may be some additional expense involved if you have to set up a server, but your energy savings could be significantly more in the long run.
If you’re seeking something that solely focuses on energy-monitoring, O’Dell recommends a PowerMeter, specifically Current Cost’s ENVI. The ENVI monitors total energy usage, and can also break down energy consumed by individual appliances. The data is compiled into a bar graph that’s updated during a rolling 24-hour period, so you can pinpoint excess energy usages in your home and make adjustments accordingly.
Photo courtesy of Mashable

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