Slim GFCI Outlets from Leviton

leviton gfci smartlockpro slim Slim GFCI Outlets from Leviton
In an effort to save space in an electrical box and therefore make it easier for a do-it-yourselfer to navigate, the Slim Series SmartlockPro GFCI outlet from Leviton has reduced the depth of the GFCI outlet by roughly 25% which allows for more room to maneuver wires and therefore easier to install.
Other features include
* Reduced depth makes it easier to install in any electrical box, even shallow ones
* Saves time on the job
* Only 1.026″ protrusion into wallbox
* Terminals allow for easy wiring options – back and side wire capable
* External back wire clamps provide visual indication of proper clamping
* Standard brass self-grounding clips

leviton slim gfci Slim GFCI Outlets from Leviton
* Automatically tests the GFCI every time the RESET button is pushed in. The GFCI will not reset if its circuit is not functioning properly
* Blocks the RESET button if GFCI protection has been compromised, reducing the possibility of end-users incorrectly assuming that a reset GFCI is providing ground fault protection when it is not
* Patented bridge contact provides individual sets of contacts for GFCI receptacle face and downstream receptacles
leviton gfci 2 Slim GFCI Outlets from Leviton
The Slimlock GFCI outlet is available in 15A and 20A versions and comes in various colors.