Try Granite Overlays For A Cheaper Countertop Alternative

Meal prep, storage, display area–in a kitchen, the counters are where the action happens. And that’s why picking a solid, durable countertop material is so important. Changing the look of your counters can not only alter their performance, but is also a great way to transform the look of your kitchen.
Granite has long been one of the top picks for countertops because it’s durable yet beautiful. Considered during past decades as a high-end, luxury material, granite is a bit more affordable now, but can still be a budget-breaker if you need a large amount.
If you crave the look of granite, try a granite overlay. It’s like a shell that’s installed over your existing countertop, so it’s not as thick as a granite slab. One of the biggest advantages to an overlay is that it’s much cheaper than a granite slab or even granite tiles.

Overlays are available in a wide array of colors and styles, so you should be able to find something that works with the look of your kitchen.
You can install a granite overlay yourself, although you may need a few extra people to help slide the overlay into place on top of the adhesive-covered counter. Before you begin, make sure the granite’s been properly sealed. If not, it will be much more prone to scratches and stains.
Would you opt for a granite overlay as a less expensive alternative to granite slabs?
Photo: Style Of Design

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Katy Schamberger
Katy Schamberger is a Kansas City-based freelance writer, editor, blogger and author who weaves experience as a journalist, magazine editor and Chief Content Officer to create compelling, engaging copy that informs, entertains and inspires action. Oh, and she likes to take photos, too, especially of architecture, food and cocktails. Welcome!
  • Ashley M

    I can’t really see the lighting or flooring but don’t forget about incorporating those into your design changes. Maybe going ALL white would be the right choice and look sharp. Paint the cabinets and walls all white and change the pulls to pewter or silver.

  • Deb Hood

    Maybe just paint the walls. Otherwise I like it.

  • Spence

    It doesn’t look too bad to begin with.
    Just repaint the salmon walls and oompa-loompa blue cabinets with some less gag-reflex inducing colors and maybe some under-cabinet lighting and she should be right as rain

  • Spence

    It doesn’t look too bad to begin with.
    Just repaint the salmon walls and oompa-loompa blue cabinets with some less gag-reflex inducing colors and maybe some under-cabinet lighting and she should be right as rain.
    (and maybe match the drawer and cabinet hardware)

  • Deren Monday

    It all depends on the budget, but certainly painting the walls and the cabinets is the most important piece. Beyond that, should the budget allow, a new floor, countertop and backsplash surface would be the most bang for the buck. The appliances look to be in good condition, and the lighting can’t be seen from the picture. The floor appears to be sheet vinyl and the counters a solid surface of some kind. Installing tile on the floor, counter and backsplash may be a fairly cost effective way to achieve a “new” kitchen. (Along with the painting of the walls and cabinets) Of course, I would recommend buying my book as a fantastic first step for any kitchen product, but I am fairly biased…

  • just_over_the_river

    Depending on the budget and time…I would just add subway tiles for the back splash, paint the walls a creamy white or greige as well as the upper cabinets, and spray paint the knobs copper to match the drawer pulls.

  • Mike Keliher

    If you want to keep the cabinets as they are — refinishing is going to be expensive, time-consuming or both — try a nice gray tile or granite counter top. Perhaps a nice tan-like color on the walls, and as was said above, new hardware on the woodwork.

    All of that might help make the white appliances fit better, too. Right now, everything looks so pale and washed out, but with some new colors on the wall and counter tops, the white could fit in just fine.

    • Charles & Hudson

      Thanks for all the great feedback!!! Hoping Sarah will send some after pics and let us know how it turned out and what suggestions she used.

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  • oiue bake

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