Meet the Heavy Lifter: The New 1UP USA Super Duty Rack Review

If you’ve been hunting for a bike rack that won’t buckle under the weight of your beloved e-bike or heftier rides, your search might just be over. Let’s dive into the gritty details of 1UP USA’s latest release, the Super Duty Hitch Rack unveiled at this year’s Sea Otter Convention. It’s not just a step up from its predecessors—it’s a leap.

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Why the Buzz About the Super Duty Rack?

Since its inception in 2016, the Super Duty Rack has carved out a reputation as one of the sturdiest bike carriers. Fast forward to 2024, and 1UP USA has pushed the boundaries even further with significant upgrades, making it a rugged companion for the most demanding of adventures.


The new Super Duty Rack can handle up to 100 pounds per bike tray—yes, you read that right! This is a game-changer for e-bike owners and those sporting heavier bikes, who’ve often been pondering over inadequate transport solutions.

Unpacking the Features

Enhanced Capability and Design

The latest Super Duty version comes with thicker side plates and pivot beams, ensuring it can take on heavier loads without a sweat. This increase in capacity—100 pounds for the first two trays—means you can now haul your more substantial bikes wherever you wish without a second thought.


Spacing between the trays has also been extended. Why does this matter? More room means less chance of your bikes rubbing against each other while you navigate those bumpy backroads. Speaking of which, the Super Duty is primed for off-road travel. With the introduction of the Wheel Chock accessory, even the roughest of trails won’t jostle your bikes.

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Storage and Accessibility

A standout feature for me has to be the ease of use. The rack folds up to a mere eight inches from the hitch when not in use. This neat and tidy package allows most rear hatches to open without needing to lower the rack—convenient, right?

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And for those who dread the hassle of loading heavy bikes, you’ll appreciate the redesigned glide bars and levers, which facilitate one-handed operation. The optional loading ramp is another thoughtful addition, perfect for rolling those hefty bikes onto the rack without breaking a sweat.

Versatility at Its Best

Flexibility is another cornerstone of the new Super Duty. The adjustable-width trays accommodate various bike sizes and are now ready to support fat bikes with tires up to 5 inches wide right out of the box. Plus, the modular design means you can expand from a single to a four-bike hauler with additional add-ons. Whether a family trip or a solo escape into the wilderness, this rack adjusts to your needs.

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Built to Last

All these features would mean little without durability. 1UP USA’s commitment to quality shines through in their American-made promise and lifetime warranty. Every component of the Super Duty Rack is replaceable, ensuring your investment is safe and sustainable.

Who Is It For?

This rack is ideal for cyclists who are serious about their gear and need a reliable, strong, and versatile transport solution. It’s especially suited for e-bike owners or those with heavier mountain bikes. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend in the wild or a competitive event, the Super Duty promises to be a reliable companion.

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Final Thoughts

With a starting price ranging from $600 to $950, the Super Duty Rack is certainly an investment. However, for the peace of mind and the robustness it offers, this could very well be the last bike rack you ever buy. It’s not just about transporting your bike; it’s about starting your adventure the moment you load up.

As more cyclists push into tougher terrains with heavier bikes, having a rack that can keep up is crucial. The Super Duty from 1UP USA meets this need and exceeds it, setting a new benchmark in the bike rack market. Don’t just take my word for it—check out the specs and see if this rack could be your next big buy for new adventures.

Safe rides and happy trails until next time!

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