4 Tips to Protect Your Lawn From the Heat

With August around the corner, temperatures are scorching throughout the country. Just this month New York City, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. broke records on the east coast. National heat waves are not only wrecking havoc on power grids and exacerbating drought conditions, but they are challenging our lawns as well.
Here are four tips courtesy of John Deere to ensure your lawns survive the summer months and look great this fall.

* Thirst Quenching
– Signs of a dehydrated lawn include curling grass blades and “foot printing”” (you can see footprints in the grass). During short droughts, water infrequently, but deeply, to encourage a strong, deep root system.
* Vacation – Before your family leaves town, John Deere recommends watering the lawn deeply to protect it from the sun and give your lawn a fresh mow with a higher cutting height to shade the soil and hold moisture in.

* Restricted – Can’t water the lawn? If your city or town imposes water restrictions there are solutions. If the grass is still growing, mow on the high side to encourage roots to go deeper. During sever water shortages, it’s okay to let your lawn go dormant. Lawns can adapt and survive a few months of no water.
* Don’t Fertilize – Your lawn may look brown and hungry, but fertilizing may actually damage it. If the lawn is dormant because of a drought there is no need to feed it as doing so could burn the grass. When in doubt, wait till the Fall when feeding is most important.
photo: AdamFarnsworth

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