5.11 Tactical Is Here to Help You Always Be Ready


Always Be Ready is 5.11 Tactical’s motto. In addition to being a leader in tactical apparel, footwear, and gear, they are now launching a program of free instructional classes to provide attendees with lessons in readiness skills.

5.11 Tactical is calling this their 5.11 ABR (Always Be Ready) Academy, with classes taught at its 45 company-owned retail stores. These classes will focus on five main areas of training: trauma care, self-defense, everyday/concealed carry, fitness and outdoor adventure. These courses are a natural extension of the lifestyle that users of 5.11 Tactical adhere to. Each class will be hosted by certified experts in each field and provide consumers with first-hand learning and guidance in these areas of practice.


“One of the main focuses of 5.11’s company-owned retail expansion plan is to make 5.11 stores experiential retail destinations,” said 5.11’s Senior Vice President of Retail, Jeff Roberts. “We will provide our consumers with not only the gear they need to be ready – but also practical experiences to help them be prepared too.” Roberts continues, “Our 5.11 ABR Academy program will transform our stores into more than just a point of sale – they’ll serve as the interactive consumer destinations we always intended for our stores to be.”

We are 100% behind self-empowerment, and the core of these courses hit on aspects of our lives that we can all use help with. Ignorance is bliss, but we’d rather be prepared than not.

To learn more about 5.11’s ABR Academy and see a list of events nationwide, please visit: www.511tactical.com/ABRAcademy


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