Get Creative With Your Freezer


During the busy holiday season, you’re more than likely to find yourself entertaining at some point. But rather than struggling with some of the various side effects of playing host or hostess, we have some quirky tips on ways to make your freezer work for you beyond storing ice cream and mixers.

Make Candles Last Longer
If you put your candles in the freezer an hour or two before burning, they’ll burn longer, giving you as much lovely ambient light for your soiree as you can ask for.

Let No Kernel Go Unpopped
Whether you’re making a garland for your holiday decorations or supplying snacks for a crowd, keeping your unpopped popcorn in the freezer will guarantee that every last kernel will pop when the time comes.

Unstick Photos and Envelopes
Someone accidentally spill a beverage on your stack of holiday photo cards? Or did you close a party invitation without including the directions? Fret not — place the wet items in the freezer for about 15 minutes, then slowly pry them apart with a butter knife or metal nail file. If they don’t pop apart right away, freeze a little longer and try again.

Save Your Decor
One the partiers have all gone home and you’re left with the aftermath of melted candle wax all over your grandmother’s silver candlesticks, resist the urge to pick it off with your fingernail. Just pop those bad boys in the freezer for a couple of hours, and that wax will pop right off with a little pressure, leaving no residue behind.

Clean Your Pans Sans Scrubbing
Did you get distracted by guests and simmer your famous dish a wee bit too long, and now you’re looking at solidified, burned-on mess stuck on your best pan? Clear a space, then leave the pan in the freezer while you clean the rest of the dishes. The residue should flake right off with barely any elbow grease.

Preserve Your Favorite Items
Is there a funk coming from the Tupperware you stored your leftovers in? Or does that family heirloom scrapbook smell like the dank basement it’s stored in 95% of the time? Leave your precious things in the freezer overnight, and by morning they should smell fresh once again.
Do you have any unconventional freezer tips? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in a freezer? Share with us in the comments!

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