A Day of Chainsaws, Trimmers and Mowers with Husqvarna

Husqvarna has been on my radar since grade school. Not the outdoor power equipment, but the motorcross bikes. Growing up in the Southwest, we all rode bikes or three-wheelers in the desert and the bike of choice was typically a Honda or Suzuki, but I always gravitated to the brand with the strange name. I never owned a Husqvarna but I coveted the 250WR.
It wasn’t until this week that I was finally able to straddle a “Husky” and grip the handlebars, but instead of a motocross bike I had to settle with a riding mower which might not have the excitement of a motorcycle but it definitely performs what it’s built to do. The Z-Turns on the other hand are quite thrilling!
Husqvarna has tremendous heritage as they were founded in Sweden in 1689 as a gun foundry and to this day the logo represents the sights on a barrel. I don’t think they are in the gun business anymore but among outdoor power equipment manufacturers they are number one worldwide.
We spent two days at their new research and development facility in Charlotte, NC, learning and testing almost every product they offer including many of the newest models that aren’t yet available.

They have made some technological advances in many of their products such as the X-Torq which results in up to 75 % reduction in emissions and up to 20 % reduction in fuel consumption and Auto-Tune which assures the engine is operating at it’s peak at all times.
We’ll follow up with more product details including the 555/562 XP chainsaws, 122HD60 trimmer and the P-ZT6126 commercial zero-turn mower.
We’ve uploaded more photos into a Husqvarna Facebook album.


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