ADT Pulse Goes Beyond Remote Security

Being able to remotely control your home’s security system is one of the perks of continually evolving technology. But if you need something more comprehensive, consider ADT Pulse, a whole-home automation system that’s customizable to your needs.
ADT Pulse goes beyond security, allowing you to access home automation, climate and light control and remote video monitoring. ADT calls it “lifestyle management,” and it’s an apt description. You can adjust lights and thermostats to help keep your home energy efficient. Remote video monitoring allows you to see who’s at the door without actually going to the door. And, of course, you can arm and disarm your home’s security system, even if you’re not there.

One of our favorite features? The ability to put your home on auto pilot and set recurring events, such as unlocking the door for kids or a housekeeper. And you can set up security alerts that will notify you of various factors — fire, intrusion, low interior temperatures — even if you’re traveling.
We have to admit, some of the components of ADT Pulse seem a little “big brother” — most kids are probably not going to love being video monitored by their parents! But depending on your budget and needs, you can customize an ADT Pulse package so that you don’t end up with extraneous services. And if you have pets, watching them on video could become incredibly entertaining–we’re envisioning a “Cats Gone Wild” YouTube channel!
If you travel extensively, ADT Pulse could be a worthwhile investment, allowing you to stay informed about your home’s condition without relying on a neighbor or house sitter to perform the same duties. Too bad ADT Pulse doesn’t retrieve your mail or water plants!
What do you think about ADT Pulse? Do you like the idea of whole home monitoring and automation, or do you prefer a simpler alternative?
Photo courtesy of ADT

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