Bamboo Sinks Pack A Stylish, Functional Punch

You know that saying “…everything but the kitchen sink?” I’ve always wondered why the sink had to be left out, seeing as it’s arguably the most important part of a kitchen, and maybe even the entire house! Maybe I’m getting a bit too dramatic, but after spending a day last week at Delta Faucet, my mind has fixated on sinks and fixtures. Go figure.
While perusing the latest issue of House Beautiful, I came across a stylish, functional and environmentally friendly addition to your kitchen: bamboo sinks. It may seem crazy that you can now have a sink made entirely from wood, but, hey–that’s technology for you!

One quick Google search later, and I found myself full of information about bamboo sinks. They’re made as both over- and under-mount styles, although you may want to opt for an under-mount sink unless you can ensure your faucet is tall enough to reach over the sink’s rim.
Thanks to a durable, laminated coating, bamboo sinks are as functional as any other material. The clean lines and polished finish complement modern decor, but the bamboo is versatile enough that it can be incorporated into other decorative styles.
Bamboo sinks can also work in a bathroom.
What’s your take on bamboo? Would you stick to flooring, or would you opt to branch out (ha, ha!) into other areas like sinks?

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