New Type Of Pepper Might Be Hot Enough To Strip Paint

So you have a dilemma. You want to paint a wall, or a piece of furniture. Yet your painting aspirations are currently blocked by a pesky layer of existing paint that won’t budge.
The solution might just be the insane heat of the world’s newest pepper. Called the “Naga Viper,” the unassuming pepper was created by British chili farmer and pub owner Gerald Fowler, who had the brilliant idea to cross the three hottest peppers.
The result? The “Naga Viper,” which exceeds the heat of the ghost chili by 300,000 points on the Scoville scale, which measures chili heat.

According to a story on Yahoo! News, the pepper may be hot enough to strip paint. The Naga Viper’s heat is so intense, in fact, that it’s rumored that the military is considering the pepper as a possible weapon.
We’re not sure how you would actually use the pepper to strip paint. Perhaps you could eat one, breathe fire, and scorch the paint off of a surface. Or maybe the juice of the pepper, when applied to a painted surface, could begin to eat through the top layer. This certainly calls for some further research. Anyone up for a trip to the U.K.?
Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News

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