Best Bets For Kitchen Flooring

August is Kitchen Remodel Month here at Charles & Hudson, which means we’re focusing on what is arguably the heart of any home.
Research compiled by the National Kitchen and Bath Association indicates that kitchen renovations account for the largest percentage of remodeling projects in the U.S. And if you’re considering changing or adding to your kitchen, you may want to start from the ground up with these popular flooring options.

  • Cork is environmentally friendly and said to be the most comfortable flooring option available, making it ideal for a kitchen, a room in which you may find yourself standing for long periods of time. The cost of cork is comparable to that of ceramic tile, making it a largely affordable option for most homeowners.
  • Wood, or hardwoods, are commonly found in kitchens thanks to their durability and, when properly sealed, an ability to repel messes. Easily cleaned with a broom or mop, hardwood floors add a sophisticated polish to a room. Because they’re available in a variety of materials, from reclaimed wood to exotic varieties, hardwood flooring can fit in a wide range of home renovation budgets.
  • Stone appears in a large number of kitchens, typically as granite or other types of countertops. Yet stone flooring, especially slate, adds a sleek aesthetic. Consider stone floors carefully, however; polished stone offers little slip resistance unless treated with a special anti-slip topcoat. This may be less of a concern in residential as opposed to commercial kitchens, but is still an important consideration. You may also find yourself spending more time on upkeep, as stone flooring will lose its polish and require semi-frequent re-applications.

What type of flooring is found in your kitchen? Would you prefer to change it to another material, and if so, what works best for your space?
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