How To Install Weatherstripping Around Your Door


With fall going full steam and winter around the corner, it’s time to tackle some simple projects to keep your home protected from the elements. Personally, after discovering standing water at the bottom of my basement stairs five times too many these last couple of rainy weeks, this project was one I’d put off long enough.

My mom had given these to me sometime last winter (I know, I know) so I dug them out from our basement stockpile of project stuffs once both of my kids were napping, as well as our drill with both drill and screw bits, a tape measure, a hacksaw, an utility knife, my fancy new work gloves, and the camera.

So, here are the steps to installing heavy duty weatherstripping on a metal exterior in-swinging door.

1) Remove your door from its hinges and get to a place you can lay it down, using a prop if necessary to help you move it. Remove any previous weatherstripping and discard. Measure the length of your door with your measuring tape.


2) If necessary, cut down your new weatherstripping to fit your door. Remember to take the difference and divide it by two to cut from both ends so the screw holes still line up correctly. Cut the metal bracket and drip cap with a hacksaw. Cut the vinyl insert with the utility knife.


3) Reinstall your door. If you find yourself doing this project alone (as I did) find something to help you prop the heavy door to the right height to have the hinge holes match up on the door and the bracket.


4) Follow the instructions to place your new weatherstripping, drill pilot holes, and insert the screws, effectively installing the new weatherstripping. Open and shut the door a few times to test efficiency and placement.

5) Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and pour yourself a cup of coffee to leisurely sip before one of the kids wakes up from their nap.

And you’re done! And if you’re more efficient than I am this should take you about twenty minutes instead of the hour it took me since I was easily distracted by my dog and Pinterest. Adding weatherstripping should help keep the elements out this chilly season and therefore adds one more line of protection to your home from damage like mold and rot.

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