Best Way To Build Custom Window Screens

C&H universe, I’m in desperate need of your help. My dilemma? The gorgeous windows in our loft are without screens. We can’t open them wide enough to get a decent breeze for fear that our two adorable cats will escape and plunge three stories to the street (insert very sad face here).
My husband and I have discussed this conundrum at length, but still haven’t come up with a solution that inspires complete confidence. I realize expanding screens can be purchased, but I’d like something more stable. Our boy cat frequently “hunts” the birds on the building across the street, and in case he decides to make a jump for it once the window is open, I’d prefer to have a stable, heavier screen that could catch him.
It’s not necessary for us to open the windows their full height of 43 inches – 10 to 20 would do just fine. We’d be able to affix something to the outer window ledge, which is wood, in case that helps.

According to the above sketch (I’m a great artist, aren’t I?!), the windows are 43 inches high by 56 inches wide. We have three of them in a row, and that’s it for the loft.
Here’s a view of a single window.
Any thoughts or suggestions, whether it’s something we could buy or build? We’re not scared of a little DIY, so if you think something homemade would suffice, please let me know. I’ll be anxiously watching the comments — I’d love to find a solution so we can enjoy the beautiful spring weather before the sweltering Kansas City summer arrives!

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