Introducing The Mom Cave

We’ve talked before about the “man cave” as the ultimate dude space for guys and their buddies to do man things together. But we’d like to propose the flip side to that coin — specifically, the mom cave.
In any incarnation, the “mom cave” is a space for the modern mother to get a little reprieve from the monumental tasks that accompany parenting (especially little ones). If you or someone you know is dying to carve a little space out for herself, we have some suggestions on how you can create a little slice of mama heaven right in your own home.
Make It Yours
No matter what space you have to work with, the key to an awesome mom cave is to make it unapologetically yours. Paint the walls whatever color makes you happy. Fill it with things that never fail to make you smile. Don’t compromise on style or comfort. Whatever it is that you need this space to be — a getaway, a happy place, a place full of calm and peace — do what it takes to foster that for yourself. Otherwise, it’s just another room in the house.

But what if, like most of us, you don’t have a whole room standing around blank, waiting for you to claim it? There’s still plenty of ways to make yourself a mom cave without forcing your kids to share a room.
The Multipurpose Room
Have a spare bedroom that houses guests only twice a year? It’s easy to have a room serve multiple purposes. Consider getting a daybed with a trundle, or even a Murphy bed so it’s clear the room isn’t just for sleeping. Then move in whatever furniture or items you require to make the space yours. Make it possible to put things out of sight for when guests come, but other than that, you’re pretty much on your way to bliss!
This Is Not A Home Office
Maybe you’re more the crafting type, or (ahem) a writer who needs more quiet than the Backyardigans can provide. Resist the urge to set up a home office when designing your mom cave. Sure, desks, rolling chairs, and file cabinets are all welcome, but remember, you want the space to be functional and relaxing — not just a space that causes you more stress because you have 18 things spread out everywhere and you can’t find the water bill and your kids left their homework on the printer in there and your husband has just started piling everything not his right in front of the door and BREATHE. Treat the space as a sanctuary, and convey that to your home’s other occupants.
Four Walls Do Not A Mom Cave Make
Don’t have a room you can even piggyback a mom cave on? No problem! The smallest of spaces can be made into a mom cave. Try an underutilized closet for a mini-cave you can tuck away out of plain sight. If you live in a warmer climate, use an outdoor shed or even your back porch to claim as your do-not-disturb zone. If all else fails, you can always create a space in the open — reorganize a corner to fit your favorite chair or crafting table, use bookcases or room dividers to demarcate your area, and invest in a good set of sound-cancelling earphones.
We want to know what you think makes a great mom cave, so tell us about yours (real or imaginary, it doesn’t matter!) in the comments below!

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