A Leaf Blower Can Do All of These Jobs

greenworks blower

Most leaf blowers do their job really well, but did you know there are a few other household tasks that blowers are perfectly suited for?

We always recommend the use of a battery-powered cordless blower as they are quieter and cleaner than their gas counterparts. The Greenworks 60V blower works great for all of these jobs around the house.

Remember to always wear eye-protection when using a blower and a mask is recommended when blowing small particles such as sawdust.

Here are some other great uses for a leaf blower besides blowing leaves.

Cleaning out the Garage

Dirt and dust accumulate quickly in your garage and are then easily tracked into your home or vehicle. Have a blower handy at all-times to clean out the garage floor as needed. A blower works better than a broom to reach under tool chests and vehicles.

Drying Your Car

Drive-through car washes use blowers to dry off vehicles as they come through, so use your leaf blower to do the same. Blow drying a vehicle after washing saves a bunch of time and energy compared to towel drying and it’s definitely more fun!

Cleaning a Woodshop

A byproduct of woodworking is sawdust and lots of it. Use a leaf blower to quickly dust off the floor, workbench, and tools. You’ll create a safer environment by removing sawdust which is a slipping hazard and bad for your lungs. Make sure you wear a mask when blowing out sawdust.

Cleaning Your Tools

Sawdust can build up quickly and adversely affect the performance of your tools. Use the blower to clean the insides of a table saw, miter saw, and any other tool with hard to reach places. You can also use a blower to clean out the insides of tool chests and drawers.

Clear Lawn Equipment

Use a blower to clear grass clippings and mulch from the underside of your lawnmower as well as inside the bag. You can also use the blower to clean all around the deck of a lawnmower or riding mower.

Clear Gutters

A leaf blower placed at one end of a gutter or drain can instantly blast away leaves and dirt. Be careful when using a blower on your roof, but a blower works great for clearing out debris that accumulates on dormers and along rooflines.

Truck Beds and Car Interiors

I use a leaf blower to clear out my truck bed from rocks, sand, and wood chips. It can do the same for the back of your SUV, just make sure you point it towards the back of your vehicle or else you’ll be picking dirt out of your dash.

Skate Ramps

So not everyone has a skate ramp, but we’ve found a blower to be invaluable for cleaning out our skate ramp and decks. Brooms are ok, but the kids jump at using a blower to clean the ramp.

There are a ton of other uses for your cordless blower, you just need to get creative.

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