Build a Dream Work Bench

Work Bench

Having the proper workspace can make all the difference when completing a project and this dream work bench certainly fits the bill. American Woodworker has all of the details for building this bench yourself.

They believe that a dream work bench starts with a thick top, sturdy base, bench dogs and a pair of vises. This bench has tons of storage, an extra-wide top and modern cast-iron vises. They’ve also devised an ingenious way to make this bench mobile which is almost unheard of for benches of this size.

This work bench is designed to last generations and can provide the perfect base for you to pass along your skills (and this bench) to your children and their children.

For step-by-step details visit American Woodworker.


workbench_intro 2

AW105 Dec03 Workbench

AW105 Dec03 Workbench

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