How to Install an Under the Sink Water Filter System


Filtrete-Water-Filtration-Products-from-3MWe don’t buy bottled water because of the cost and waste of bottles, and as it’s been proven that most of it is tap water. But we still prefer to drink filtered water over what comes out of the tap because it reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor.

We’ve been using a filtered pitcher for the last few years and it works great but the need to constantly refill it is a bit of a drag so when we had an opportunity to install a plumbed-in Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System, we jumped at the chance.


The Entire system only costs $100 and easily mounts under your kitchen sink.  A dedicated faucet mounts onto your countertop next to the kitchen faucet (you can use the existing hole from a soap dispenser or sprayer but we had to drill our own). It reduces select VOCs, select pharmaceuticals, microbial cysts and lead that can be found in your drinking water. Filters last up to six months, and changes are quick and easy with no tools required.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step for installing the Filtrete Water System.


1. Locate Faucet Hole
The Filtrete system works best with pre-existing holes in stainless steel or porcelain sinks and many sinks have extra holes for soap dispensers or spray guns. These extra holes are usually covered by rubber grommets. If your stainless steel sink doesn’t already have a hole then you’ll need to drill a hole like we did. Drilling into stainless steel is easy if you’ve got the right tools, just take it slow. We needed a hole at 7/8″ and the Filtrete faucet fit perfectly.


2. Install the Faucet
Once you’ve got your hole setup you simply guide the blue hose and faucet into the hole. There is a stainless steel fitting that sits on top of the sink and between the faucet and there are two washers that must be used before you hand tighten the nut to secure the faucet to the sink.


3. Turn off the Water
Turn off the cold water and remove the cold water hose from the wall to the sink.


4. Tap Into Your Water System
The system comes with 1/4″ fittings but we needed 1/2″ fittings so we made a quick trip to the hardware store and picked up a couple adaptors. With the adapters in place we attached the splitter to the cold water pipe and the cold water hose then pushed in the white plastic tubing.


5. Install the Filter
You can place the filter wherever you’d like under your sink and it simply attaches to a filter holder which is held by two screws. Make sure the filter has at least two inches below it so you have enough clearance to change out the filter which is something you’ll need to do every 6 months under normal use.


6. Connect Everything
Connect the white tubing from the cold water into the filter holder and the blue tubing from the faucet into the holder. Both will be clearly marked.


7. Check for Leaks
Turn the cold water back on and you should hear it run through the filter. Check for leaks then press down on the lever for filtered water or pull up on the lever to keep the water flowing. Filtrete recommends running at least two gallons of water through the filter before using it.

We’ve been enjoying this filtered water for the last few days and it tastes great and looks crystal clear!

For more details and to purchase the Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System visit their website. You can also purchase at your local Walmart.

Here’s a quick video that proves just how easy this system is to install.

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