Build Your Own Window Boxes

My grandma, an avid gardener, has plant beds all around her home. Yet one of my favorite memories is of her window boxes, which were perched on her home’s front windows and spilled over with brightly colored flowers, usually geraniums.
Window boxes are ideal for flowers, herbs and other smaller plants, and can instantly add cheer and color to your home’s exterior. Plus, if you find yourself short on yard space, maintaining window boxes is an ideal way to get your gardening fix.
Sure, you can buy window boxes at a variety of retailers. But where’s the fun in that? We’ve compiled a simple window box project that you can do at home, then fill with your favorite plant or flower. Full details of the project are available at Home and Garden Ideas.

Measuring tape
Electric drill
Electric or manual saw
1-inch thick boards for the sides, length and bottom of your box (this will depend on the size of your windows.)
Medium-grit sandpaper
1.5-inch wood screws
Potting soil
*Optional items: paint and a box liner such as burlap.
1) Measure your window frame and trim, which will dictate the size of your window box. If you want the box to rest on a window ledge, measure the depth of the ledge.
2) Measure your board, note the lengths with your pencil and cut. If you need to, gently sand the edges of the boards.
3) Using a drill, make pilot holes for the wood screws at the box’s joints. Starting with the sides, screw the box together. Screw on the bottom board last, and add a few drill holes throughout the board to allow for drainage.
4) Now that your box is assembled, sand if necessary. You can also paint the box, or add a burlap liner before you add your soil and plants.
5) You can use mounting brackets or other similar hardware to help affix your window box to the window or ledge. If your home has a brick, stone or stucco exterior, you’ll need a masonry bit to install the proper brackets.
If you try this project, we’d love to see the results! Send photos to Happy building!!

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