Can You Self-Install An Attic Fan?

Attic fans are one of those brilliant inventions that you don’t really notice until you don’t have one. Growing up, my dad’s house had an attic fan and it made all the difference when it came to keeping the house cool, even during the peak of summer.
But the real question is: if your home doesn’t already have an attic fan, can you install one? And the answer is yes!
We consulted a step-by-step tutorial from Popular Mechanics, which touts the many benefits of attic fans: they help lower utility bills, increase your comfort within your home and, surprisingly, can also help your roofing materials last longer.
You can likely install an attic fan for about $100–not bad, right? First, you’ll need an attic. After that, you’ll need to study the area’s ventilation. Popular Mechanics recommends a minimum venting system have 1 square foot of roof vent area for every 300 square feet of attic area.

Once you have the fan system mapped out, you’ll want to pick up a fan. There are several types to choose from, including those that will install within the roof or mount on a gable wall. Gable-mount fans are a little easier to install because you won’t have to mess with roof shingles.
We’ll simplify the installation process for you and recommend that, for a full breakdown of the project, you check out the Popular Mechanics tutorial. You’ll first install a shutter, then mount the fan on a piece of plywood. After that, you’ll wire the fan and, voila–your installation is complete!
Would you tackle this project in your home? Or do you already have an attic fan?
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