Coasters From Recycled Sources

Given the endless amounts of CD-ROMs in the world today there is probably no reason ever to actually buy a set of coasters again. But the shinny discs have a couple of problems. First, these tend to stick to the bottom of glasses all too often, and that hole in the center really defeats the purpose of using a coaster since liquid can leak through.
That said there are plenty of “green” alternatives including recycled materials and just left over items. If you’re re-tiling a kitchen or bathroom chances are you’re going to end up with a few extra tiles. While a couple should be saved for any patch jobs down the line, the rest can be easily converted to coaster duty. Just attach felt or rubber feet so as not to scratch a table and the tiles will make a handsome place to rest a drink.

Rubber floor mats might not seem like the best resting spot for a glass, but cut into equally sized squares and you suddenly have a chic looking rubber coaster. The examples in the photo even offer channels to whisk away condensation from the bottom of glasses, and since these are soft rubber they can be used on wood tables without worry of scratching.
For the high-tech look you can actually buy coasters made from recycled circuit boards. But you can also make these at home from old consumer electronics circuit boards, we recommend sanding any rough edges, and removing any remaining circuits. Just beware the fact that these could contain lead and other toxic and semi-toxic metals, so maybe these should be purchased instead from a professional who has properly cleaned out the bad stuff. It is still a good way to reuse an old product.

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