The Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw is the Snow Tire You Need This Winter

SEMA 2021 was awesome and although I was focused more on all-terrain and hybrid tires, the new Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw snow tire really caught my eye.

The Discoverer Snow Claw is the latest innovation from Cooper in pickup truck and SUV tires built for extreme winter conditions.

Snow Claw 1

Snow Groove Technology

The big news is that the Snow Claw features Cooper’s patented Snow Groove Technology, which traps snow in the grooves of the tire and allows for greater traction, handling, and stopping power.

If the tread is too slick and throws the snow off you get rubber on snow which is inferior to snow on snow grip.

cooper discoverer snow claw tire

The tire is also designed to stay supple even in extreme cold and is engineered to allow for the addition of tire studs to help provide extreme grip and traction.

Designed and built by experts who know North American winters, the Discoverer Snow Claw tire is severe weather rated for winter and snow performance, holding the desirable Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) designation—something you should always look for when buying a snow tire or off-road tire that you will be using in the snow.

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Discoverer Snow Claw

“Winter weather is unpredictable; drivers need tires that they can be confident are made with proven technology to get them where they need to go safely in even the most extreme conditions,” said Andrea Berryman, Director of Product Development at Cooper Tire. “With the addition of the new Discoverer® Snow Claw™ winter tires to the Cooper® product lineup, truck and SUV drivers now have a tire option for extreme ice traction and excellent snow performance, which are essential for drivers to capably navigate extreme winter road conditions.”

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next winter as the Discoverer Snow Claw tire will be available to order beginning in April 2022 and available to consumers in October.

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