Create Your Own Fertilizer With Weeds

As soon as I saw the title of Garden Rant’s post, “Cool Stuff To Do With Weeds,” I was hooked. Because, after all, there aren’t a lot of productive things you can do with weeds–well, besides kill them, that is.
But now you can add another application to your list. If you find your yard overcome with weeds, give them a good pull and throw them into a lidded barrel. Fill the barrel with water–Elizabeth of Garden Rant recommends rainwater.
Let the mixture sit for a few months–yes, you read that right. After that, you’ll have a barrel full of liquid fertilizer. Just be sure to dilute it before you apply it to your plants. This is a great project to tackle in early to mid-fall. You can let the mixture steep over the winter, and then you’ll have a large batch of fertilizer in time for spring planting season.

One more tip? Make sure your barrel has a tight-fitting lid. If you’re making your own fertilizer during warmer months, the stagnant water will attract mosquitoes–keep them away with a lid that fits flush against your barrel.
What do you think of this DIY fertilizer recipe? Will you add it to your project list?

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